Matt black card


Frosted black card


Brushed black card


Mirror black card


Matt black are our Signature business cards. These sleek cards create a jaw dropping statement to anyone receiving one.

One of our most popular cards are the Matt black cards. Still made from a core of premium stainless steel, we add a tinted lacquer to the card followed by anodising steel. This provides the ultimate matt finish on the surface of the card which is tough and will not wear to the original steel core.

The matt black cards have the same optional extras as the Grade I collection cards. We can provide the same custom shaping, etching, cut-outs, finishes and extras for these cards too.

The matt black stainless steel card can make the mark for anyone wanting impress with their business card, they are cutting edge and unique. A metal business card will nicely compliment any event, conference or trade fair especially if you have thicker cards upto 1mm. Our cards are made from high-grade stainless steel that will not tarnish over time.

Metallic Design will provide a FREE design service with any order and create a genuine bespoke card from scratch for you. Our graphic design have a wealth of experience and in this unique field of designing metal business cards.